Sustainability Specialists

About the Role

Sustainability Specialists provide advisory and consulting services to assist businesses operate in an environmentally responsible way. They develop and maintain relationships with senior executives and management teams to understand their needs and help define sustainability goals. Sustainability specialists develop and implement sustainability strategies, designing and deploying programs to integrate sustainability practices across the business and track performance metrics to assess program effectiveness.

Sustainability Specialists also contribute to the development of training resources for both internal and external clients, leading sustainability workshops and improving programs based on ongoing feedback. Sustainability Specialists can also prepare client communications for sustainability performance and manage compliance reporting for Government disclosure requests.

Key Industries for employment opportunities are: Government, Environmental Services, Utilities, Management Consulting, Construction.

Salary Expectation: $81,000 – $120,000

Qualifications, Training, Licenses

Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, Sustainability, or Business, or a related field.

Knowledge & Capabilities

Ability to diagnose client needs and identify relevant resources.

Ability to foster and maintain collaborative relationships in a cross-functional environment.

Ability to prepare and present clear and concise reports of a complex and technical nature.

Experience creating, designing, executing, and driving specific and broad strategic initiatives.

Analytical skills with experience processing large amounts of data and information to obtain insights, find patterns and develop actionable plans.

Demonstrated project planning and project management skills.

Knowledge and understanding of environmental systems and processes.

Be well researched in regulatory, technical and market issues.

World Capabilities

Artful Communicator

Collaborative Connector

Data Agile

Change Engager

Pathway - Formal

Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, Sustainability, or Business, or a related field.