Robotics Engineer

About the Role

Robotics Engineers design and develop, product prototypes through coordination with cross-functional teams. They test, improve and create robotic systems and applications that perform a range of automated processes.

Robotics Engineers research and interpret technical practices, use modelling tools to design mechanical devices, electrical design tools to create and modify system schematics and design simple circuits. They build electronics and design the programming for complex robotics systems.

A Robotics Engineer develops and maintains code quality standards and best practices, following rigorous design control methodology and writing specification requirements, design descriptions, verification plans, and test cases.

Key Industries for employment opportunities are: Healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and military.

Salary Expectation: $90,000 – 100,000

Qualifications, Training, Licenses

Tertiary qualification in Automation, Mechanical, Robotics, or Electrical Engineering.

2+ years of industry experience.

Knowledge & Capabilities

Technical expertise in robotics, automation, or related field.

Ability to build, configure, and test robotic systems.

Able to analyse and evaluate the prototype robotic system.

Experience developing mechanical and electrical systems.

Proven skills in programming and writing software.

Analytical and creative problem-solving skills.

Ability to review costs and calculations of designs.

Strong communication with the ability to liaise with clients, understand their requirements and be able to present solutions.

World Capabilities

Change Engager

Data Agile

Critical Thinker

Curious Innovator

Pathway - Formal

Tertiary qualification in Automation, Mechanical, Robotics or Electrical Engineering.