Recruitment Tools & Training

Recruitment Tools & Training

Providing tools and training that enable you to attract and recruit talented employees

Recruitment Tools

Selecting the best fit for any role is not an exact science. Interviews and reference checks are important, and psychometric testing can give you insights. However, to make the selection process more hit than miss, INS designs a range of assessment tools that more effectively gauge an individual’s suitability for a role.

Relevant, practical and easy to administer, our recruitment tools cost-effectively evaluate behaviour, knowledge, capability and values alignment to more accurately assess fitness for a role. INS tools and approach are designed to support a variety of capability related frameworks.

Role Descriptions and Job Evaluation

Having well designed and appropriately evaluated role descriptions can support every aspect of the career lifecycle including recruitment, performance review and performance development.

INS works with organisations to write and evaluate relevant role descriptions aligned with relevant capability frameworks.

Interview Panel Training

Understanding how to apply and assess the most relevant recruitment assessment tools can be a confusing task for Interview panels. Our practical, hands-on programs integrate a range of learning methodologies providing a fun approach to what is often considered a dry subject and show panel members how to assess candidates against capabilities and work standard levels.

Capability Frameworks

INS is skilled at developing, reviewing and modifying Capability Frameworks and for creating innovative programs linking capability frameworks to recruitment, on-boarding, development and progression of skilled workforces.

Case Study: NSW Capability Framework

INS has developed a unique Program providing practical application of the NSW Capability Framework and its relationship to recruitment. Participants participate in a simulated recruitment panel providing them with a concrete experience exploring real life issues such as the balance of technical job-specific requirements with focus capabilities, managing judgments, diversity issues and selecting the most effective assessment activities for a role. Supporting this program is our entertaining Understanding the Capability Framework video series that is also used as a stand-alone during induction to assist new employees to understand the Framework.


An employee’s experience in the first 4-weeks of their employment often sets the tone for how they will interact with their organisation and colleagues. Using a blended learning approach, INS works with organisations to design effective on-boarding strategies tailored to the culture and operational requirements of an organisation.