Organisational Restructures | Reform Implementation

Organisational Restructures | Reform Implementation

Aligning structure, people and process

INS offers a range of services in planning and executing organisational restructures and reform to progress an organisation’s corporate, strategic goals.

We are successful because we understand the criticality of aligning people, process and structure to achieve your outcomes.

We have a successful history and the professional capacity and expertise to manage the full range of people management functions required for a successful restructure and have worked under all industrial frameworks and jurisdictions. In particular, the INS multi-disciplinary approach gives you access to Human Resources (HR), Industrial Relations (IR), change management, career transition, recruitment, facilitation, psychologist and resilience and well-being specialists.

In negotiating and implementing strategies to achieve the required outcomes for our clients, our emphasis is on cooperation, consultation and open dialogue, and our strategies place importance on:

  • Maintaining effective and on-going relationships
  • Keeping sight of short and long term goals
  • Obtaining consistent and certain outcomes

In this regard, INS maintains excellent and respectful relationships with unions, tribunals and employer bodies, achieving results faster and with minimal industrial disruption.

Also, our industrial / employee relations expertise includes:

  • Identification & review of conditions of employment and entitlements
  • Recruitment strategies and processes for new structures
  • Communication and change management strategies
  • Assisting organisations to advise staff of restructuring outcomes
  • Redundancy and Redeployment arrangements