NSW Public Service Capability Framework Implementation

Getting results from the Capability Framework

Are you “GSE compliance = done”?

Compliance is only the first step to achieving the GSE workforce transformation. INS continues to partner with NSW Government agencies in the implementation of the GSE Act. Our GSE Adoption Accelerator packages cut down the time and effort for your cluster and agency to progress towards comprehensive implementation of the Capability Framework.

INS is here to help you understand your Department’s best next step in proficiently embedding the GSE. We are passionate about creating high performing workforces for the NSW public sector’s future and have the experience to deliver.


GSE Adoption Accelerator Packages

Capability Wise: 

Workshops and on-demand awareness videos that develop a practical understanding of the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework for people managers and HR specialists. Including modules targeted at recruitment, performance development, and Role Description development.

Career strength: 

A simple and effective online Career Planning System with optional workshops, for staff to develop their own Career Plan; based around the NSW PS Capability Framework and specialist role career pathways.

Mobility Accelerator: 

TalentPool and JobMatch services to set up and manage internal and cross-agency talent pools, and match candidates to roles as they become available. Register to get the case study on how INS is deliveringTalentPool and JobMatch for FACS’ NDIS Mobility Pathway talent pool. 

Performance Accelerator: 

Get better results from your Performance Development process by successfully incorporating the Capability Framework. Integrate staff capability development and career planning for talent and leadership development, and identify high performers.

The risks of stopping at compliance

Your agency has invested time and money becoming compliant with the GSE Act, but is it enough? Resting at compliance risks you:

  • Missing out on good talent by inappropriately applying the Capability Framework
  • Lagging behind the implementation of Mobility
  • Preventing people managers from properly managing performance, which in turn keeps a ceiling on your agency’s performance
  • Continuing to use slow and costly recruitment practices that don’t deliver required talent
  • Being unable to attract and retain star performers
  • Inaccurate planning for your future workforce needs


“52% [of agencies] reported challenges in managing unsatisfactory performance effectively.” 

–  PSC’s 2016 People Matter survey