LinkedIn Profile and Personal Brand Coaching

You already have a personal brand but have YOU defined it, let INS help!

Personal brand is what others experience when they relate with you – your value, talents, communication, and work styles. Articulating your personal brand helps you consistently portray who you are and want to be. A personal brand shouldn’t feel like you are acting a part and INS will work with you to express your personal brand in a manner that is natural to you. To develop your personal brand INS will work with you to:

  • Develop an over-arching career summary that targets your strengths;
  • Create a dynamic LinkedIn profile; or
  • If you already have a LinkedIn profile – review your current profile and provide you with strategies to improve it through a 90 minute coaching session (face to face or via phone);
  • Tips and techniques on effective networking tailored to suit the occupation or industry you are targeting.
Price for 1 hour session
Discounted price for 1.5 hour session (recommended)
If you’re interested in multiple services, ask us about our discounted package deals

So what are the next steps?

Submit an online enquiry or call us today for your FREE 15 minute phone consultation and one of our friendly Career Coaches will explore your skills, professional experience, qualifications and achievements, important for your personal branding and networking. We will ask you:

  • For a copy of your current resume (if you have one)
  • For examples of the types of roles/industries you are targeting (job ad/role description)