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What Does Your Score Mean?

Critical Thinker

Question and explores ideas with an open and purposeful mind.
  • Open minded, problem solver, analytical
  • You abandon assumptions to explore new ideas logically, laterally and holistically
  • Approach problems with curiosity considering innovative perspectives
  • Believe you should explore and question ideas with logical reasoning rather than emotion

Collaborative Connector

Unites the right people, ideas and movements with timing and energy.
  • Inclusive, connects the right people together, builds relationships face to face and virtually
  • You are genuinely interested in others, creating possibilities through introductions and relationships
  • Approach situations as an opportunity to bring different ideas, perspectives and individuals together
  • Believe in connecting others without ego or selfishness

Data Agile

Decodes the power, purpose and perspective amongst the numbers, expanding knowledge through insight.
  • Logical, analytical, data literate
  • You recognise patterns in information, identifying trends and communicating this clearly.
  • Approach messy data knowing how  to decode information, identify what’s relevant and translate your insights to inform decisions
  • Believe you must learn new tools and apply new research to adapt to a fast-changing field.

Socially Intelligent

Understanding yourself, others and the social dynamics within different situations.
  • Empathetic, self-aware, regulate personal emotions
  • You understand and manage your own and others’ emotions in the workplace and beyond
  • Approach interactions with open eyes, reading and understanding the things that aren’t said in conversations.
  • Believe you know what makes other people tick.

Life-long Learner

Have a thirst for ideas, a hunger for knowledge and a craving for deeper understanding.
  • Curious, open-minded, motivated by personal and professional development
  • You ask yourself ‘what did that experience teach me about myself and how can I learn from it’.
  • Approach new circumstances as an opportunity to expands knowledge and horizons.
  • Believe you learn and grow from taking on challenges and embracing unfamiliar experiences.

World Citizen

Part of a global community, contributing to building its values and practices.
  • Accountable, embrace diversity and inclusion, make a positive difference
  • You put the best interests of others at the forefront of everything you do.
  • Approach life as an opportunity to make our planet more equal, fair, connected and sustainable
  • Believe identity and culture go beyond borders, you constantly drive diversity, equity and inclusion

Artful Communicator

Understanding where others are in their head and heart, communicating with clarity, humility and intent.
  • Approachable, engaging, honest, compassionate, patient.
  • You can adjust your communication style, tone and content with different people, and come across authentically
  • Approach conversations without judgement, knowing when and how, to say things to others
  • Believe that asking good questions is fundamental to successful communication

Change Engager

Embraces change through all facets of life, adapting and learning in an exponentially changing world.
  • Adaptable, digital savvy, respond and flex to change.
  • You embrace digital disruption, learning new technology in an ever-changing world.
  • Approach setbacks with a growth mindset, as failures are just a temporary glitch.
  • Believe that change is inevitable, so preparation is essential.

Customer Centric

Understanding where others are in their head and heart, communicating with clarity, humility and intent.
  • Empathetic, tactful, welcoming, friendly
  • You care deeply about your interactions with customers / clients, going beyond what’s expected of you
  • Approach challenging interactions with empathy, listening deeply and selflessly to understand others perspective.
  • Believe in taking ownership of problems and following up and following through.

Curious Innovator

Forward thinking solution seeker who is fearless in the face of opportunity.
  • Opportunistic mindset, solution focused, driven by doing things better
  • You reimagine better ways of doing things and have the insight and courage to challenge the status quo
  • Approach problems differently, pushing past conventional thinking to create new possibilities
  • Believe innovation comes from collaboration and networking as it provides diverse perspectives and fresh ways of seeing the world

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