Assessment Centre Coaching

How many people have aced a test without studying? Let us make it easy for you...

Attending an Assessment Centre can be scary. We increase your familiarity and confidence by simulating Assessment Centre processes and activities. INS’s experience in designing assessments for recruitment campaigns as well as having prepared over 350 job seekers to attend an Assessment Centre, means we are more than qualified to fully prepare you for this experience.
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So what are the next steps?

Submit an online enquiry or call us today for your FREE 15 minute phone consultation and one of our friendly Career Coaches will discover the type of Assessment Centre practice you require and will advise you what Assessment Centre Simulations will be made available to you. We will also ask you:

  • For a copy of the job ad that you are applying for
  • For a copy of the Role Description (if applicable)
  • For Assessment Centre information provided by the agency/employer (if applicable).