HR Consulting Services

Enabling successful people and policy initiatives

We recognise that employee relations play a key role in facilitating core corporate objectives through strategy, direct service delivery and coaching. INS offers practical HR consulting services to support people and policy initiatives. With a wealth of strategic and hands-on, HR and IR management expertise we deliver:

  • Restructures: Aligning structure, people and process with savvy industrial relations and effective and respectful people management strategies.
  • Change Management and Communication strategies: Structured processes and tools that transition individuals, teams, and organisations to a desired future state.
  • Strategic Planning: Articulating organisational or group direction and understanding the resource requirements to achieve this.
  • Organisation & Program Reviews: Systematic assessment of the efficacy, quality and relevance of programs to determine ways to improve quality and value proposition
  • Organisation Development: Structured, organisation-wide strategies to support organisations attain their strategic goals.
  • Career and Performance Development Programs: Planned strategies that attract, develop and retain employees.
  • Capability Frameworks and Associated Practices: Design and implement frameworks and processes to align your capability framework with the employee lifecycle including attraction/recruitment, on-boarding, performance development and as required performance management / discipline.
  • Integrated Human Resources Strategies: Identification of human resources and people management strategies to best serve an organisation’s strategic objectives.
  • HR Policy Development and Review: Supporting strategic directions through practical guidelines and processes that support organisations to employ, train, assess, and reward their workforce.