Green Marketer

About the Role

A Green Marketer is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies for environmentally friendly products and services. The role involves assessing marketing and purchasing trends within the green industry, and maintaining portfolios of marketing campaigns and strategies.

Green Marketers produce content to drive awareness, consideration and demand generation of green products.
They conduct research on consumer opinions and buying habits, and identify target audiences for green products, services, or technologies.

Green marketers assess relevant data to determine its effectiveness, and make recommendations about how to improve the marketing strategy, and which products or services should be altered. They are also responsible for generating and identifying sales leads for products and technologies.

Key industries for employment opportunities are: Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, Construction, Mining, Renewable Energy.

Salary Expectation: $93,500 (average annual salary)

Qualifications, Training, Licenses

Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Advertising, Communications, Journalism and Graphics.

May require a background in environmental issues but not always essential.

Knowledge & Capabilities

Experience in marketing, marketing analysis, sales and/or customer service.

Strong project management skills for managing multiple projects, clients and tight timelines.

Ability to write and develop content and communications (web sites, brochures, advertisements, presentations etc).

Analytical skills to process relevant data and form conclusions from their analyses.

Ability to generate or identify sale leads.

Strong communication skills.

Excellent interpersonal skills to be able to work well with consumers and clients.

World Capabilities

Customer Centric

Artful Communicator

Curious Innovator

Data Agile

Change Engager

Pathway - Formal

Bachelors degree in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, or similar industry.