Geothermal Engineer

About the Role

Geothermal engineers design systems for processing geothermal energy to produce heat and electricity. They collaborate with other engineers, geoscientists and technicians to develop geothermal technology and drilling techniques, to monitor energy fields, to determine anticipated energy output and diagnose and resolve issues that may arise.

Geothermal engineers usually work in teams to develop strategies to access the energy sources, co-designing resources to produce and distribute geothermal energy, and overseeing the construction of the machinery used in these facilities.

Key Industries for employment are within the Renewable Energy Industry.

Salary Expectation: $104,000 – $133,000

Qualifications, Training, Licenses

Bachelor’s degree in a relevant Engineering field including Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.

Some opportunities in this field will require applicants to have a master’s or Doctoral Degree and a Professional Engineer License (PE).

Knowledge & Capabilities

Analytical/technical skills with a practical approach to problem solving.

Familiar with geological and reservoir engineering modelling tools (e.g. GOCAD/SKUA, Petrel, Eclipse, VIP, Tetrad, STAR, TOUGH2, etc).

Familiar with data-management systems (e.g. SQL, SQLite or Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft Access, geodatabases etc).

Knowledge of environmental codes and regulations.

Team player – able to work collaboratively with other Scientists, Technicians, and Engineers.

Excellent Communication and Interpersonal skills.

World Capabilities

Critical Thinker

Data Agile

Life-long Learner

Change Engager

Collaborative Connector

Pathway - Formal

Bachelor’s degree in a relevant Engineering field.

Some opportunities in this field will require a Master’s or Doctoral degree and a Professional Engineering Licence (PE).