Full Stack Engineer

About the Role

Full Stack Engineers are programmers qualified in both front and back end coding. They design websites, develop databases and coding for mobile platforms. They manage the entire development cycle from design, development, coding, configuration, deployment, to monitoring and testing.

Full Stack Engineers provide innovative solutions for complex issues, working cross-functionally with engineers, product managers, and designers.

Key Industries for employment opportunities are: Information Technology, eCommerce, Education

Salary Expectation: $122,000 – 143,000

Qualifications, Training, Licenses

Tertiary Qualification in IT/Computer Science, or a related field.

Knowledge & Capabilities

Experience with front end languages such as JavaScript and HTML.

Understanding of JavaScript frameworks such as React and Amber.

Previous experience in programme languages including Python, Ruby, and Java.

Able to write code for front and back ends (website or applications) and capable of testing and fixing coding and bugs issues.

Experience in HTTP protocol and REST interface.

Understand basic design principles (UI & UX).

Able to manage, design and understand database storage.

Knowledge of version control systems (e.g. Git).

Excellent project management and time management skills with a strong interpersonal approach.

World Capabilities

Data Agile

Change Engager

Critical Thinker

Collaborative Connector

Pathway - Formal

Tertiary Qualification in IT/Computer Science, or a related field.