Digital Content Specialist

About the Role

A Digital Content Specialist work to enhance a business’ website to generate quality written material. They are responsible for production and management of content for learning platforms via the organisations website. They gather and research information, edit content from other writers, help find and/or create images and visual elements to go with written material. They often work closely with marketing teams, writers, graphics designers and managers.

Key Industries for employment opportunities are extremely broad ranging from Marketing & Advertising, Online Media, Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Banking, Financial Services, Writing & Editing.

Salary Expectation: $95,000 (average annual salary)

Qualifications, Training, Licenses

Tertiary qualifications in communications, marketing, journalism, or a related field is generally required and/or 3+ years work experience.

Knowledge & Capabilities

Analyse search analytics to uncover content gaps.

Conduct market research and observe the progress of competing websites and employing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies to the marketing content.

Write clear, concise copy suitable to the topic and be able to check for presence of keywords in copy.

Experience in writing design/digital content and understanding basic graphic design fundamentals.

Understand web usability and accessibility guidelines.

Know and use basic HTML and other website building tools.

Understand basic graphic design fundamentals.

Manage and prioritise workflow.

Strong client facing skills.

World Capabilities

Artful Communicator

Critical Thinker

Collaborative Connector

Data Agile

Pathway - Formal

Tertiary qualifications in communications, marketing, journalism, or a related field and/or 3+ year’s work experience.