Career Development Services & Workshops

Enabling employees to take charge of their career development

Career development is the ongoing process of managing your life, learning and work.” (Australian Department of Education and Training)

Fundamental to a capable and mobile public sector is supporting individuals to take charge of their career development and to take a strategic approach to the capabilities they need for an ongoing, productive career.

INS understands that the public sector employment market is increasingly competitive and complex and that making a career change needs to be carefully managed to get the best outcome for the individual and the organisation.

INS career development services enable organisations to deliver effective strategies in line with workforce management, and support individuals to make informed decisions and plans around their career choices.

These services include:

  • Development of strategic approaches to the delivery of corporate career development programs
  • Innovative on-line career development tools allowing individuals to take charge of their career at every stage of their career/life cycle
  • Self-assessment tools, identifying transferable skills and determining core interests, aptitudes and compatibility
  • Career development workshops providing the essential skills to understand and objectively assess career aspirations and pathways
  • One2One Coaching to build clarity and capacity around individual career intentions and trajectories